I created this identity package for Lenny Technologies, based off of research being done at MIT. Lenny, is a wearable health device that projects diabetic information against the lens of any eyewear. It is connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. The idea was to create a logo and brand that was clean and health related.
The logo I created is a divided universal cross symbol signifying its relation to the health field. It is split into 4 quadrants to also illustrate the angled mirrors used in head up displays (HUDs). The blue pie slices signify the sideview profile of the eye.

With the business card, I wanted it to appear almost sterile like a hospital setting. The faint eyeglass pattern on the front of the card was used so that it can be associated with eyewear. 
The back of the letterhead was intentionally done to fill up the entire backside so that when it is tri-folded, it can be placed/positioned in the envelope with the full name, Lenny Technologies, viewable without any creases. 

The envelope follows the design of the brand with the added, tagline on the back of the envelope. 
The packaging needed to be unique because it is a small device. I decided to use a buckle/clasp type of package. The more interesting the package, the more consumers would consider picking up the box to find out more. Since this is a health device, I believe it was necessary to include as much specific information as possible; This way the diabetic client wouldn’t have to think twice about purchasing Lenny. 
With both the magazine and the web banner, it was imperative that it felt like a first person experience. The information reflected on the lens needed to be clear and visible. 
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